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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 4, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight, everybody. go to tell us what you think of tonight's show, thanks for watching. this is the kelly file. this is a fox news alert. russia proves it means business. jennifer griffin is here with the latest details tonight. jennifer? >> on the same day russian president vladimir putin proved he was halting military exercises on ukraine's border, russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile. john kerry tore down kiev bringing with him a $1 million aid package. >> i think that it is clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able
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to invaz further. >> soldiers approached singing their national anthem 37. >> meanwhile putin broke his silence today stating he reserves the right to use force on ukraine. >> this president does not understand vladimir putin. he does not understand his ambitions, he does not understand that vladimir putin is an old kgb colonel bent on restoration of the soviet -- of the russian empire. >> dick durbin revealed what really happened during obama's 90 minute phone call with the russian president last weekend. >> i asked john kerry how the
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conversation was. >> he said it was ominous, there were no promises made. russia alerted u.s. officials several days before the crisis began. >> thank you. joining me live, former defense secretary don rumsfeld is with us. mr. secretary, thank you for joining us. do you think john mccain is right that in fact the president doesn't understand putin's ambition? >> well, sean, most of the discussion that's taking place is what's putin doing today, what should we do today. all this chatter about the world and the united nations. the cold hard facts are, it was
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syria, iran. it could be more activity in the prs and the south china sea. what's really happening is, the central problem is american weakness. we're managing our economy like juveniles and telling the world that in the next decade or two, we're not going to be there. we're cutting back our defense fund funds. when eisenhower and kennedy were in office, we spent 10% gdp on foreign defense. we're sending a signal that america's weak, we're in decline and weakness is bro voktive. we've created a leadership vacuum in the world he's being filled like putin, it will be filled like other putin like people. you think of magnetic particles on the table.
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all of those particles in the world are starting to turn away from the united states and turn toward russia. >> season the that what chuck hagel, when he announced we're going to go to preworld war ii troop levels with our army, season the that what he said, we can't expect american dominance in the seas and sky and space any longer, that that is not something we can come to expect any more? season the that their position? and won't that void be filled by someone like vladimir putin or an alliance as we see between putin and china? >> absolutely. think of it. russia has a very modest economy it has a con script military that is not impressive. there's not a military person on the face of the earth that i've met who would think of trading our military for their military. putin is punching so far above his weight class. we don't have a foreign policy, we don't have a strategy.
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the only -- we don't have supporters, imagine, think back when the president went to congress and tried to get a coalition of other countries with respect to syria. the other countries backed away. and then he went to congress and the members of congress backed away. >> you're basically saying this is accumulation. we can really -- >> absolutely. lieutenantly. and what's tomorrow? tomorrow it could be central asia, it could be the republic of georgia, it could be iran or north korea, it could be the people's republic of china. we are asking -- we're telling the world we're weak -- why else would vice president biden say we're not in decline? >> because we're in decline. >> doesn't this go back to -- putin got everything he wanted on nuclear arms, and we got nothing. obama's unilateral concessions
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when it came to pole anned and the czech republic on missile defense. i think that was a mistake, not following up with his threat on syria, the red line. it seems like putin is enjoying sort of like sticking his middle finger in barack obama's face like with edward snowden. what should the president's response be? what would you recommend if you were the defense secretary right now? >> the only thing one can do, we're not managing our economy responsibly, we're cutting back our defense capability. eisenhower said through spring. the others said, if you want to avoid wars, you want peace, be strong and prepare for war. we simply cannot continue down the path we're going, and not expect not just the problems
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we're currently facing, but a whole new crop of problems. the only answer at first, the president of the united states to develop a strategy, create a mission, go out and get other countries to agree to it, and with political, economic and security elements and activities that demonstrate the united states is in fact a power. >> are you saying that because of president obama's weakness, there is -- we are undergoing, the world right now, geo political shift, and do you foresea this alliance if you will, a new access being formed with china, russia, maybe even iran, syria involved in this? do you foresee that getting to be a big problem? >> well, i mean, the reality is that russia has a lot of nuclear weapons. their economy is modest except for energy, and they're not a
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great power, but they have the ability to pick them off one at a time. their neighbors abroad, they can do that, they went into georgia as you'll recall. ukraine is enormously important to the world. and the idea that we would have created an environment that is hospitable is outrageous. it's not just putin, it's going to be the people's republic of china. even if it's not in cahoots with put putin. >> it seems like the president and the secretary of state keep lecturing putin, that they have a 19th century mentality, this is the 21st century. he made a speech where -- in which he says the great power conflict is a thing of the past. i want to ask you about these words the president uttered many listen to this closely.
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>> those countries that are large like russia or china, we have the kind of relationship with them we're not getting into conflicts of that sort at least over the last several decades, there's been a recognition that neither country benefits from that kind of great power conflict. the kind of national security threat we're going to confront, their terror threats, they're failed states, the proliferation of deadly weapons. >> it looks like vladimir, when you listen to those words, vladimir didn't get the memo on this, and it seems to me when you add that together with man causing disasters. overseas contingency operation. is the president missing the lessen of human history that evil exists both on a micro level? human beings, inhumanity to fellow human beings or mass murderers from hitler to stalin
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on down? >> it seems like there's a missing chip here, he doesn't seem there's a missing piece. >> there's a confidence question. it takes, for example, the fact that we have 125 status of forces agreement throughout the world. it doesn't take a genius to get one, but we do not have a status support agreement in afghanistan or iraq. i mean, people are fussing at secretary kerry, i think he's been dealt a very bad hand. >> i think his -- i think as a -- >> i think john kerry sounded like a buffoon this weekend. the president is atted home of chuck and linda robb in maclaine, virginia. tickets range from 10,000 to $32,000. earlier today, the president was
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in a school the leader of the free world is taking a photo op at a grade school and making statements about the state of what's happening in the ukraine and crimea, do you have a problem with the priorities of the president today? >> how the man can play golf and go to democratic fund-raisers and spend his time attacking republicans this week, instead of deciding what in the world our country ought to do and how we can go out and get other's help. it's inexcusable that this man has no concept of what a president ought to be doing he's simply not doing the job of a leader. >> appreciate your insight tonight. and we'll continue to monitor
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the tonight. we have reports from james rosen, ed henry, sheppard smith is on the ground tonight in ukraine. president obama's standing is being questioned tonight, is america weaker now than even under the carter administration? where is the g 8 on all of this, and much more as hannity continues on the fox news channel. at shoots great video. so i got the new nokia lumia icon. it's got 1080p video, three times zoom, and a twenty-megapixel sensor. it's got the brightest display, so i can see what i'm shooting -- even outdoors, and 4 mics that capture incredible sound. plus, it has apps like vine -- and free cloud storage. my new lumia icon is so great, even our wipeouts look amazing. ♪ honestly, i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪
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this is a fox news alert, secretary of state john kerry was in kiev earlier today, declaring that russia was not acting in accordance with g8 behavior. really? james rosen was in the ukraine. he joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> the honor is mine, sean.
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good morning from paris, where kerry faces a critical showdown in a little more than 12 hours time, that's when he sits down face to face for the first time since this crisis erupted with the notoriously prickly foreign minister. sergei dabrov and kerry will come face to face. police snipers mowed down scores of protesters last month. the climax was victor yanukovych fleeing kiev in the middle of the night. people mobbed kerry in the square. kerry said that all the members of the g8 are standing with the u.s. in promising to help this eastern european nation, which now faces major debt issues and saw its southeastern territory invaded by tens of thousands of troops last week, dispatched by
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russian president vladimir putin. >> i would hope that president putin, who -- if -- you know, if -- who is insisting all evidence, everywhere in the world about troops being in crimea, that they're not there, that he will step back and listen carefully. we would like to see this de-escalated. we are not looking for some major confrontation. >> that followed comments from vladimir putin in which the russian leader said a broader invasion of ukraine would be a last resort, something he sees as being well within russia's rights to undertake, citing the fact that the kremlin sees yanukovych as the leader of ukraine. >> colonel peters is with us.
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interesting comments, you find yourself being a bigger supporter of hillary than obama. hillary made some comments describing russia's decision to issue passports in the crimea region to the population transferred carried out by nazi germany before world war ii. do you think that's a fair analogy? and if so, what do you think of the president's response if it is? >> well, i -- >> she's taking a much harder line than he is. trying to transfer ethnically similar people from one sovereign country to another -- >> she's comparing it to nazi germany. >> she's comparing what they're doing to the population transfers in the lead up carried out by nazi germany prior to
7:19 pm
world war ii. that is a far stronger statement than anything barack obama has said that is not even in dispute. >> i think it's a fair comparison, and i think obama is calling him a thug. >> why is he not calling him a thug. you're calling him a thug. >> i'm allowed to use nondiplomatic language. barack obama sending the secretary of state to kiev is not showing weakness. secretary rumsfeld who got us into the tragedy. >> i don't want to hear about rumsfeld. i want to hear about hillary's comments. >> yes, she is his torically accurate. >> you call him a thug, i'll call him a thug. i think he's sticking his middle finger in obama's face, from
7:20 pm
edward snowden. even though obama's giving every concession to this man, he's looking to embarrass him and he's doing so on the world stage. your reaction? >> it's clear to me that putin not only has the upper hand from a to z, but he's enjoying himself. he enjoys thumping at obama. putin is the big bad russian wolf. and obama is a bunny rabbit. let's face the facts here. putin, without firing a shot, managed to seize crimea, he is never going to give it back there is nothing we will do to make him give it back. what will we do about that? virtually nothing. all this nonsense about sanctions and all that stuff. it's not going to happen in a meaningful way because europeans won't stick with it. they don't have the money for freedom. >> i'd like to make one point.
7:21 pm
there is one thing we could do that would get putin's attention. and the white house won't do it, that is to renounce the terrifically one sided star treaty that obama cut with putin, where we gave away serious weapons when needed and putin gave away rusty junk. that would get his attention. obama won't do it because that's his legacy, i found myself agreeing with everything donald rumsfeld said. >> missile defense system the poll and the czech republic, i go back there k.t. i turn to you, you had an excellent column. they're imhe tent, they cannot join with us. that's an impossibility at this point. you say there are strategic things short of war that we can do to change the geo political
7:22 pm
make-up of what's happening right now. >> get them nervous around their borders. build the missile defense shield. make friends with russia's the southern countries, the farmers, the soviet union countries. make good friends with them. the other thing is energy independence. you have been on this from the very beginning, especially as an economic boom to the united states. there's a geo political geo strategic situation with the united states. if we can push down the price of oil, if it goes below $90 a barrel, they are on their knees. >> let me throw this to lani, i would argue that k.t. is 1,000% right. if we sign on the keystone pipeline tomorrow, we have more oil, more natural gas, more fracking opportunities, more oil
7:23 pm
than the middle east, just saying we're opening it up would literally change the equation tomorrow. why won't this president -- why won't he do it? >> i support the keystone pipeline, i don't understand the logic to oppose it, i agree we should be concentrating on american energy to undermine the russian power that they use over europe. i also don't think we should let europe off the hook, i don't know why the united states has always asked to be the only one to stand up to anything that happens in the world. >> europe is held hostage. they have no choice, lanny. >> when the american people hear the muscle flexing and the macho language about why do we not stop him, we're using economic sanctions effectively in iran under this president -- >> he stopped it. >> and we will continue to use -- >> you're dreaming. you're living in a fantasy land. >> you think the american people want a military confrontation?
7:24 pm
>> no, k.k. mcfarland just gave you a list of things can you do that are not military. >> it's muscle flexing. >> k.t. -- >> it's not supported by the american people. >> no one is talking about military option except you. >> i heard a lot of muscle flexing about third fingers and macho talk. >> he's rolling the united states -- >> sanctions effectively in iran, you can see it's beginning -- >> effectively, they just got $7 billion back colonel peters. >> nobody says the iranian sanctions haven't been effective so far, sean. >> they were effective until we stopped them. >> up until now. >> look, the bottom line on this, is russia has a real leader. may not like him, and i don't, but he's brilliant and ruthless, he has clear goals and he moves straight toward those goals. the west lacks a leader, like it or not, the president of the united states is the de facto leader of the west, and our
7:25 pm
president just is -- he's incapable and unwilling to lead. the whis is phenomenal. now, you know, we're not weaker than we were in the carter years, i was in that military, it was pathetic. our military today is the best in the world, best in our history, although obama wants to dismantle it, we're also wealthier at that point carter years. obama is far weaker than carter, and he's probably the worst president we've ever had. he's a man who's incapable of making a hard decision. and by the way, one other key point, vladimir putin believes in russia. he believes in russia's destiny, its mission. obama does not believe in american exceptionalism. >> that is a powerful commentary. k.t. gets the last word. >> i think he's absolutely right. putin has had a 15-year plan, he's followed it religiously, he's used his natural gas to keep europe hostage, the
7:26 pm
revenues from this oil to give him the windfall to carry it out. i don't think he thought he would be lucky to get a weak american president. >> i think your plan is dead on. i think we can reverse the -- we're out of time. thank you, lanny, appreciate it. >> okay. >> ed henry is following the white house's response to the developing crisis in ukraine, and then an expert on russia is going to break down exactly who vladimir putin is, and why you need to be concerned. that and much more as this edition of hannity continues. vo: once upon a time
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to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade major concerns regarding the administration's response to russia's actions in ukraine. ed henry has the latest details tonight, ed? >> new tonight, we're learning that as this crisis in ukraine deepens, the president spoke by phone today with the german chancellor angela merkel to discuss a diplomatic offramp to try to get putin to back down, the president has already taken the possibility of military action in ukraine off the table. there are sanctions potentially on the table, democrats and republicans on the hill pressing the president to punish russia. there are european allies, it
7:31 pm
might hurt their economies in europe as well. the president today claims some defense interrupting an event at a school here in washington to hit back at putin, the russian president had a news conference in which he was defiant yet again. leading republicans in this country to suggest that the president is simply never understood putin's real ambitions. >> there is a strong belief that russia's actions is violating diplomatic law. i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> after five years of believing that somehow vladimir putin was anything but what he is. we are now paying the paper, the chickens are coming home to roost. >> their best hope of ending the stand-off may come from the
7:32 pm
fragile economy. the rubel has dropped to the lowest level in a long time, and the russian stock market has been plummeting. >> we are witnessing firsthand vladimir putin flex his muscles. my next guest is an expert on russia, he wrote an opinion on putin's goal far from helping ukraine to join the new world order is to bring it back to the russian's fear of influence at a modest cost, here to break down the man responsible for the growing crisis, a university of denver professor jonathan adelman is with us. >> you seem to have an understanding of putin and an understanding of what would work, you took a mocking tone of the president say iing we conde your invasion? >> no, putin is playing chess while the americans are playing checkers, putin is a hard
7:33 pm
driving, very bright person assisted by a tremendously capable foreign minister who's using his limited assets to his advantage. >> i think you're wise in your response to this nonwar related. you would reverse the decision. that's solution number one, i would like to see the president do that immediately. any chance of that happening? >> i doubt it because this was made several years ago, and the european countries are relatively comfortable with it, i think it would be hard to do it, that involves a number of other countries beyond the united states. whether they want to do it or not is problematic. >> it was one of the biggest mistakes obama had made. you would reverse course on the defense budget and move forward with the keystone pipeline. >> it's amazing that chuck hagel
7:34 pm
talks about going back to the size of the army in 1940 without thinking that tens of millions of people died in world war ii, because the united states had the 17th largest army in the world, together with portugal and romania, if it had been strong. we could have averted much, if not most of the damage of the second world war, i think this is a huge mistake. >> you agree with myat europe h impotent. and putin is likely to turn those spigots off? >> i think you're right. but there are more demonstrations to say why you're right. 1/10 of 1% growth rate and has to deal with all the foib els with grease and portugal and italy. rendering it incapable of acting.
7:35 pm
the strongest party are not really willing to go along with the united states. >> you agree with me, just the threat of a keystone pipeline and america moving toward tracking and horizontal drill ing would be a big enough threat to stop putin's territorial ambitions. the life blood is energy, correct? >> his life blood is energy, what he's looking at sean is something different what he's really looking at is syria, he's looking at egypt where today after 40 years, the russians are back with the $2 billion arms deal, you know, he's luking at the negotiations between russia and saudi arabia. he's feeling his oats, he's feeling that he's -- he's not worried, he feels that the united states under the current administration is simply not going to respond in any meaningful or serious way that will inhibit him.
7:36 pm
he may as well go for it, within certain limits, which is a sad state of affairs. >> professor, it's rare i agree with a college professor these days, they tend to slant solidly left. did the president sneak yet another wasteful stimulus package into his budget proposal? later, shep smith has the latest from kiev where he is tonight. stop what you're doing, you never want to miss an episode, right now, set your dvr, record hannity the series you never miss a show. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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welcome back to hannity, while president obama's weakness is on full display this week, his disastrous farm policy is not the only reason for major concern, here at home he unveiled a $3.9 trillion budget plan today, or should we say stimulus round two, packed with
7:41 pm
new spending, 600 billion in $6 new taxes on the so-called rich. here to defend this indefensible position. i don't know why i like you, stop laughing, don't be my friend. >> easily defensible. >> another stimulus plan. more debt, higher deficits, rob our children blind and you're all in support of it? >> it's not that i'm in support of it let's talk about what it really is. the numbers already been decided. that was the whole partisan thing that happened a few months ago, what we're going to quick et over is how that money's going to be divided. >> we're going to gut defense. >> you may have heard that it's an election year. is it at all possible that this is an election budget that every one of us knows is never going through? >> we're going to rob our children? >> no, we're not. >> it's not going to happen. >> you know it's not going to happen. >> it's an election year. fudge it. >> i concede the point counselor.
7:42 pm
>> good night, folks. >> i concede that point, it's not going to happen, the fact that he wants it. didn't we learn? sl. >> he doesn't want it, congress wants it. >> everyone in congress has to run in november, it's a democratic budget p. >> why do they waste our time in. >> that's how politics works. you don't think the republicans do it when they're in the white house? >> you know there was a new analysis by the senate budget committee. this is what they found interest payments on the debt will exceed the defense budget in five short years. and our kids owe 17 trillion, that will be 20 by the time he leaves. >> why would you get upset about a budget that we both agreed -- >> no spending is going to happen. >> the must be is already set. paul ryan got up there and he got behind the budget, so it's not about -- it's real. >> let me ask you this. it's not about the amount of money being spent, it's about how we're going to spend the money that they've agreed to.
7:43 pm
>> i support -- my buddy connie mack had a plan, the penny plan. cut one penny out of every dollar every year for six years, that means we stop robbing from our kids, we balance the budget, stop putting debt and deficits on them, they have 90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. would you support that? >> join me and say, cut a penny out -- >> i like the connie mack plan. >> there's hope for you. >> the penny out of the dollar was a good idea. we don't break down over reducing spending. you know where we break down? when you're the republicans, you want all of it to be cut from entitlement, when you're a democrat, you want it cut -- >> i'm proposing something different, you cut one penny out of every dollar and you stop the madness that is known as baseline budgeting. >> will you agree that half of that penny will be taken from defense and half will be taken from entitlement. >> what part of one penny out of every dollar? >> you have to figure out where
7:44 pm
it's coming from. >> listen, think. follow the bouncing ball. one penny out of every dollar, government spends whatever they spend it on. >> you mean on everything? >> everything. >> okay. there's a little hope for you. >> there's a little hope. there's not one democrat that signed on to that plan. not one. >> there weren't all that many republicans either. >> you would have thought that all of them would have. >> they can only do things if it's extreme. that was a reasonably sensible approach. >> because i support it. >> i told you i would go along with it, your own republicans won't. >> get away, get off my set. you have this likeable feel to you that's annoying. remember the ardent supporter of the black panther cop killer? he's scheduled for that vote
7:45 pm
tomorrow. senator pat toomey is here, is he going to get through? later, sheppard smith joins us from the ground in kiev tonight. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. >> test >> test >> test >> test [ male announcer ] staples has everything you need to keep a germ-free office. from latex gloves and antibacterial wipes to steam cleaners, keyboard vacuums and microfiber cloths.
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welcome back to hannity, there is major concern regarding president obama's decision to nominate this man who is an ardent supporter of a black panther and cop killer. he co authored an naacp opposing jamaal's death sentence which was lessened to life in prison. here now to preview that vote and explain why this man is unfit to serve as a leader in the department of justice, pennsylvania senator pat toomey. senator, this is an outrage to
7:50 pm
me, we've covered it on this program, but is there any chance this guy gets through? >> there's a very real chance, sean, until the vote is cast, i don't think we'll know. i think every republican, although i can't be sure yet will vote no. bob one democrat is openly voting no. several democrats are considering a no vote this, is a very, very poor choice i think he is a guy committed the considerable resources at his disposal to joining a radical political campaign. you know, celebrating a cop killer, a murderer to try to make a mockery of our criminal justice system, it would be a tragedy. >> so is the senator casy going to expect because this happened in your state, that and the death of an officer, he's more
7:51 pm
aware of the opportunities for justice? is that he has a greater knowledge of this than his colleagues? >> i think that is possible. there is no question the greater philadelphia community is certainly, law enforcement, throughout central pennsylvania but beyond that, are just shocked the president could consider this candidate i know senator casy heard from folks throughout pennsylvania he may be more familiar with this. that is partly why i joined force was a democrat district attorney from philadelphia to write an op-ed about why this is such a bad choice. if people know the facts it's hard to defend. >> his guilt has never been in doubt. four eye witnesses saw him shoot
7:52 pm
a 25-year-old police officer, faulkner in the back, then, when the officer was on the ground shot him more in the chest and face. >> it's a bizarre thing he was part of a radical movement, openly espoused murdering police officers then warped minds decided they'd hold him up as an example of how america is racist country. and therefore, theer should go free. i don't get that logic. i can never accept it. how someone who joined this campaign could be running the civil rights division of our justice department is a t travesty. >> is there any tactic you can
7:53 pm
use to stop this? this is so outrageous to me. >> it is. >> i met this guy's wife and interviewed her. facts are indisputable in this case. is there anything you can do to stop it? >> this goes to the heart of what senator reid did last fall so the minority part yeah has no say in this process they have rigged this game so a simple majority can confirm anyone there is nothing we can do, except make this a principle case of why we should vote no. >> senator toomey we'll be watching tomorrow and see what happens. >> coming up next, going to kiev in ukraine, shepherd smith will be reporting for us next, as we continue. [ sneezes, coughs ]
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this is a fox news alert the world waits to see how the situation in ukraine will be resolved shep smith is live in kiev tonight. shep? >> i'm standing on a six-floor balcony of the ukrania hotel. there is a heavy, dense fog but that is independence square the site of the demonstrations that ended with the government coming in and killing many of those protestors. in that spot now, i took pictures today. memorial after memorial. flowers by the millions. and thousands and thousands of people coming out to mourn those who lost in that confrontation. where they were fired up, and trying to get the government to listen to their concerns, they're now seeming in cases shell shocked that the things they worked hard have changed so dramatically. now they're looking at a country without a recognized leadership,
7:59 pm
a russia says they're protecting this former president they consider to be a murderer and russian military to the south in crimea having taken over a portion of ukraine. so there is great uncertainty. great confusion in many indications, and moreover, tremendous sadness for those who were ukrainian nationalists wondering what the future may hold we'll report tomorrow from crimea. more pro-russian with longstanding allegiances to russia and the russian government. we're expecting a different scene there. sean, back to you. >> shep, great reporting. that is all the time we have left this evening. before we go, we don't want you to miss a single episode of "hannity". i know you're putting covers on. stop right there.
8:00 pm
set it to fox news channel. start your weekday morning with fox and friends, this all starts at 5:00 a.m with ainsley, then, the crew at 6:00. thanks for being with us. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is onment tonight. >> continuing down this path of violating of sovereignty of another country will have costs and consequences. >> but now there are reports the british government and other european countries will not punish putin for invading ukraine. what should president obama do if europe once again acts in cowardly way. charles krauthammer on that. >> it'sing if to be run by bureaucrats and run by politicians who have no idea what is in your best interest then i'm getting out. >> how many doctors are going to opt out of obamacare. we have the number and it is shocking. extensive report tonight let's do this.